Why Volunteer for PeerTalk? Erin's story...

ErinWhy did you choose to volunteer for PeerTalk?

I choose to volunteer for PeerTalk as I believe it is incredibly valuable to provide people with a safe, non-judgemental and understanding space to share, support and listen to others experiencing similar challenges.

What do you get out of it?

Peer support can be hugely beneficial to our attendees in so many ways and I consider it a privilege to be able to witness this first hand. The meetings are emotional and insightful but also positive and uplifting, seeing our peers making progress in their personal lives and being so supportive of each other is wonderful to be a part of.

How are you supported in your role?

As facilitators we have a fantastic support network from our co-facilitators and the whole PeerTalk team, I feel very supported and comfortable to approach any of the team with any questions, concerns or comments I may have. It is great to be part of such a caring and passionate group of people with regular meetings and training to keep us up to date and connected.

Has anything particularly struck you whilst volunteering with PeerTalk?

The thing that most sticks with me is the strength and kindness our peers show each other, being present for others when they are often facing very difficult personal challenges is an exhibition of true human compassion.

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering for PeerTalk?

I would encourage anyone thinking of volunteering for PeerTalk to go for it, it is a very rewarding and worthy experience and you will be supported every step of the way!