Why Volunteer for PeerTalk? Liz's story...

LizWhen I retired from being a Paediatric Ward Manager I wanted to find something where I could volunteer and give something back to the community. I attended a presentation by PeerTalk in Huddersfield and was impressed by their vision to help those with Anxiety and Depression. I decided to look into this further and attended a training session to see if this was something that would fulfil my wish to help others. I then started to volunteer with the Bradford PeerTalk Group.

I always feel very honoured and humbled in listening to the Peers stories, some sharing very personal things which have happened to them in their lives. It has been a great privilege in sharing the highs and lows and the ways in which the Peers support one another and give each other advice.

The support I get as a volunteer is excellent. We have regular facilitator meetings in which we have the chance to share how we have felt about our volunteering and ensuring we care for ourselves in all of this. We also receive regular emails and newsletters. A WhatsApp group was set up for us to keep in touch with the other facilitators and PeerTalk during the Covid 19 Pandemic. We are supported in our own continuing development and learning and I have attended other training and completed online training, which helps to develop my skills.

I am so pleased I decided to Volunteer with PeerTalk as a facilitator as I really feel that the organisation is helping people who are struggling with their mental wellbeing. I get an enormous amount from my volunteering and am very proud to be involved with PeerTalk.

I would highly recommend volunteering with PeerTalk as it expands.